[Sydney.Concord] a feast on​ a weekend morning – Espresso Organic

I heard Concord has a lot of good restaurants and cafes,  and I always wanted to try some of them. And I finally got this opportunity to jump in one of them on a Saturday morning (and stuffed my mouth haha):

Espresso Organica

43 Majors Bay Road, Concord

My impression of a cafe for brunch is always something like Surryhills’ cafe, small and crowded with long queue every weekend. That’s why I was so amazed by how big this cafe is:


It has a huge function room at the back which opens during the busy period, but also can be the place for a party. The size of the space is pretty rare in Sydney I would say (correct me if you think I am wrong :p).

The menu also extremely lengthy. A copy can be found in its website: menu

We arrived at 10:30, and thought we could only order from the breakfast menu. But apparently, once the clock gets into 11am, the lunch menu is open. That’s probably…8 pages more of choices? Yes, I know its pretty crazy. So as a table of 7, we ordered 7 dishes to share, including some entrees, main and desserts:


I personally tried the following dishes:

Greek Mezze Platter ($23):

DSC_0995-2A perfect starter to share with a group of friends. It came with the flatbread and was very filling. It includes three types of Greek dips and a selection of hot and cold mezze.

Haloumi Cheese belt ($15)


Crabmeat Fresca ($29)
Fresh crabmeat, basil, chilli, garlic, parsley, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil & shallots
To me, the sauce is on the dry side. I prefer it to be saucier. The flavour is excellent and there are a lot of good stuff hiding underneath.
Baklava Pancake ($18) 
Definitely one of the highlights of this meal!!! I love the deconstructed baklava idea and it was such a creative but sweet tooth’s dish. The syrup is just right on the point and the pancake is the type that I like, not overly fluffy and has a bit of chewiness inside.
Banked Egg Cayana ($20)
This is something that I feel really special. Unlike the traditional baked egg, the eggs here were scrambled first and baked with cheese & tomato salsa after. The taste was smooth, creamy and with this lovely light sweetness from the salsa. Love it!

To wrap it up, its an old-fashion type of cafe so the dishes might not be that good look like the new trend in cafes in Surry Hills/Waterloo area. However, the dishes here are fairly creative yet tasty. All the menu items are also great to be shared among a couple of friends. I found the portion is too big for me but it might be a good size for guys. I also love how it has a variety of choices on its menu. This means we can always find something to try.

Espresso Organica

43 Majors Bay Road, Concord

Price range: $20-$25


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