Dear site guest,

My name is Yuki, the founder of this blog and a full-time accountant who loves good food (especially a good brunch during the weekend), sun, succulents, taking photos and traveling when having a holiday.

I born in Shanghai (an Eastern mystery city with full of xiao long bao in most people’s mind) and spend nearly half of my life in Sydney so far.

As you may or may not know, updating a blog is a significant commitment. However, sharing my food journey and travel experience with people is my true passions in life.
I firmly believe that good food should be shared. Therefore you can see most of my food journal was with my friends and my love Dr. Robot (Dr. R). Dr. R is a busy scientist who often stuck in his work. However, he has exceptional food taste and photography skills and most importantly, he always able to give me constructive feedback. Some of the photos here were taken under his instruction.

You will also sometimes see other guest bloggers here, such as DeltaH. DeltaH will be my content editor because you can see that English is not my first language. He is a busy engineer but also a travel enthusiast and a foodie who have a cafe dream.

I hope you enjoy your time here

Yuki & Co
Contact: tastingthecloud@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Chris…I agree. I have been told off by my partner multiple times already that I should check my typo and grammar and not write my blog in a rush. Thanks for the advice. I will be extra careful in the future.


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