[Sydney/CBD] A good bowl of Taiwan beef noodle soup – Soozee 23

The food court of the Sydney Westfield feed a lot of office workers (including me!), and I am a huge fan of beef noodle soup.  So once I noticed that Soozee 23 is opening, I didn’t hesitate too long to try out its signature beef noodle soup.


Soozee 23, this is a transliteration from Chinese. Soozee does not have a particular meaning in English. Instead, it means Number in Chinese. Hence this store name is Number 23.

Soozee 23 (Number 23)

Sydney Westfield Level 5 food court (opposite Ding Tai Fung)

price range for beef noodle: $14-17/bowl


Soozee 23 used 23 different spices in its broth and cooked up to 8 hours. Then the soup used to braise the beef.

We went as a big group, so we got to try several different types.

The first one I tried was the Three Treasures:


It has three different type of cut inside, including beef, tendons and beef stomach. The beef stomach is just cooked perfectly, tender, juicy, fully soaked with the aromatic broth, and have this light sweetness. I am not a big fan of the beef stomach before because it was always hard to chew, but this one totally changed my view!


There are two type of noodle to choose from, the thin noodle and the flat noodle. We also ordered the flat noodle to try:


Hard to say which one is better. They are both on the point.

The second try was the house special spice beef noodle 


It was really spicy. If you cannot take spicy food, do not order this one. The broth was originally from Chong Qing, where the China hotpot originated. Therefore, this broth taste not only spicy but also peppery, give this strong, sensational aftertaste, which is perfect for people who looking for strong flavour in their noodle.

Soozee 23 also offer this Chengdu fried egg noodle, which tastes like the national Chinese dish: Egg Fried with Tomato. I found it is comfort food:


For people who don’t like the noodle soup, Soozee 23 also offer the dry noodle:


(Braised beef dry noodle, with some chilli sauce)

It is a less soupy version and equally good. The braised beef is really soft and easy to break, and the quality is something that I hardly found in Sydney.

We also tried some dim sum here for the entrees.


they are (clockwise): Pork and prawn dim sum (left top),  bbq pork bun, Seafood and black fungus beancurd roll and egg custard bun

My personal top pick is the egg custard bun:


Not the liquid filling type but it was very sweet and tasty.

The beancurd roll was also a good one.

The shop provided extra sauce for its customers to add. It was pretty handy for people like me who don’t eat heavy spicy food to share noodles with someone really like chilli in their food at the same table LOL.


In summary, the noodle soup here is very aromatic, complex and have a clean aftertaste. The beef was well cooked, soft, juicy and melt in the mouth. I hardly can find a bowl of such good authentic Taiwan style beef noodle in Sydney.

If you look for light lunch, some dim sun with fried rice would be a good choice because I found struggling to finish the whole bowl of beef noodle by myself.

Because it is the opening period,  so there are some special deals going on. Make sure you check it out :).


Soozee 23 (Number 23)

Sydney Westfield Level 5 food court (opposite Ding Tai Fung)

price range for beef noodle: $14-17/bowl

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