[Sydney Event] Taste of Sydney 2017

Last Wednesday, I received the invite to the Taste of Sydney 2017 from FCBA. I like Taste of Sydney more than night noodle market, because it has more high quality feast, instead of long queue and not-so-special selection.

In this event, most of the restaurants have their reputation out already. they put their icon dishes out, and some one them are only available via degustation menu normally.

The door tickets are 25 dollars if you buy online. A lot of people are asking whether it worth to go. My answer is a big Yes.


  1. The restaurants

Couple of SMH 1 hat restaurants

Gastro Park



the Instagram popular

Saint Peter

although not on the smh list but has really high reputations:


Bouche on Bridge

Kingston Street Social

Also couple of restaurants that have unique infusion:

Long Chim (Thai)

Anason & Efendy Dish for Anason(Turkish)

Tequila Mockingbird (Latin America)



I suggested to go as a group so you can share, have more fun, try more dishes. the ingredient might be limit so if you saw something that really likes, you should go earlier rather than late.


Firstly, when you entered into the ground, you need to buy yourself a food card. Then you can have a look what you want to eat from the menu card:



The special of the Taste of Sydney is, you can pick dishes that you really want from different restaurants, and mix your own tasting menu. if you really like one particular dish, you can also order multiple times by itself.

here are the list of the dishes I tried that night:



Seared scallop, pork crumble, crab sauce (From Gastro Park, $12)

heard Gastro park for long time. Thats why I just run to that shop without hesitation. The pork crumble taste sooo special and good, with the soft scallop.

Rockmelon sphere with jamon & Balsamic (from NEL, $8)

Very interesting dish. From NEL.’s current tasting menus. When it served, the white rock-looking things was actually filled with half liquid rockmelon puree/juice, and wrapped with the jamon (Spanish ham). The taste is exploded in my month and its so creative and amazing.



Wallaby Skewers, Spiced Cashew sauce (from Bouche on Bridge, $8)

apparently the no.1 dish in the show. It taste so unbelievable. The kangaroo meat is very lean and usually can’t be too tender and soft. This skewers meat is soft, tender, juicy with right seasoning. really give me a big surprise.


Hazelnut Mousses cake with Pedro Ximenez & gold leaf ($10, from Mercado)

This dessert is the no.2 of the show. I was so lucky to get the last one. Very special liquor centre chocolate mousse cake, with gold flake on the top.

I paid total $38 for a 4-course tasting menu. with all other free samples/tasting, it was enough for me as a dinner.

Couple of dishes my friend picked was:

Liquid Pumpkin & Parmesan Gnocchi, Forest Mushroom tea ($12, From Gastro Park)

it was similar as the second dish I tried. It says Gnocchi and looks not that special. but when I bite, the liquid pumpkin was exploded out of the gnocchi. I am so curious about how it actually made. the mushroom tea was really special too.




From what we tried above, the portion was equivalent to the normal restaurant tasting menu. although all the place used paper plate, but still put some effort to make it looks good. Price range was around 8-12, unless it was a icon dish.

There are also large amount of wines and craft beers available in the show. Some of them have free tasting, others offer tasting for a low price.


Apart from that, there are large amount of producers and interesting food items:

I brought the black truffle salt from the Salt box. was really good with eggs and the owner offered me 10% discount

There are a lot of other interesting things in the show. Live music, presentations, cooking shows, there have to be one that interested you.

Today is the last day of the tasting of sydney. I am really looking forward to the next year.


Website: http://www.tasteofsydney.com.au






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