[CBD]Restaurant Hubert: Creative French with a comprehensive whisky list

I went this place with Dr.R last weekend. I was curious about this place for long time since it made to the best new restaurant in 2016’s restaurant review and a 2 hat restaurant in 2017 review. The restaurant website was the simplest one I ever see. no sample menu, you can’t book if you are a group of 2, and the style was just purely interested me.

Luckily the website still said when it open: from 5pm on Sat night

It was too hot that I even forget to insert my SD card into my camera, so I end up using my phone. Therefore the photo quality is a bit bad (yes this is a warning)

It hide basement and the walkway to the main dining hall was amazing. it has full walls of walls of bottles:



We arrived here around 5:20 but only bar seat left. Actually this is not a bad things for people who love their drink. look at their bar:


and every bottles seems all different…hmmm

we started from ordering drink. I was so shocked to see the 6 (or even more pages) of the whisky list. But i forgot to take a photo of that…

Here is the dinner food menu:


Dr. R said he never tried beef tartar, neither did I.So we ordered the Prime Beef Tartar. Because this is a French restaurant, and I love snails, so Escargot XO it is.  for the entree, we ordered the pickled octopus and Hubert Baguette. 

There are couple of other things which sounds very interesting but we knew that we can’t finish. might come back later with group of friend to try.

overall, I liked this place. all dishes were casual but at very high quality. service was warm and attentive. Bar attender know their stuff very well.

Hubert Baguette:


Pickled octopus:


A very good match with the baguette and I love the tanginess of the marinate.


Prime Beef tartar:


I love the french fries. Crispy with very delicate seasoning. The beef tartar was well over my expectation. I was have some concerns before because it is raw meat. But it turned to be very delicious. It was superior quality beef mince mixed with herb. It went very well with the french fries.

Escargot XO:


Very interesting combination. I like the garlic and butter more but this went quite well with the bread.

Then dessert menu:


I ordered the Creme caramel to share. forgot the take the photo before I destroyed it. but it was great. The egg custard was not overly sweet and perfectly paired with the bitter caramel sauce.

We ordered couple of drink and totally we paid $144. A very good meal and I love the Hubert’s environment.

Overall: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5


Environment 4/5 (Girls might be a good idea not wear super high high heels because it do require to go downstairs fair a bit)

Address: 15 Bligh St, Sydney NSW 2000

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