[Sydney Rozella] Cordelia’s cafe 2017 Autumn menu tasting

If not by the invite of the PR agent, I probably won’t come to this cafe, given I have to drive to its location. There were a lot of parking spot along the road but its a bit stress to find parking spot in inner west during the weekend.

However, after I tried the menu and walked around the suburb, I am  happy to recommend this place to you.

lets see whats in the current menu:



here is the tasting team:


we started with coffee and drink

those are my favourites:

Pulled pork benedict (the pull pork was so tender yet not dry, it seasoned well, and matched perfectly with the brioche bun)


 In house Pancake (the type I loved, not too fluffy and sweet, a bit chewy, prefect for morning, and I love that grilled banana, this is just my thing)


Corn Fitter (loved it)


Scollop salad (a great light lunch and very creative with half passionfruit, I actually never thought the scollop can make into this kind of salad. might try at home later)


those are decent (although not too special compare to my top picks):

Smoke salmon Benedict 


Smoke salmon on the toast



Bruschetta DSC_0350


Vegetarian toastDSC_0359

and the french toast that really instagramable but a little bit disappointing

The cafe has its Korean fusion, with really cheerful waitresses which add a lot of personal touch to its service. They use T2 tea and special organic coffee bean:


I really like to see all the area locals came here and just order without a menu.  If you just happen to be around, make sure you pop into this cafe and enjoy a brunch 🙂

By the way, the famous Rozella Sunday market is just around the corner and there is a very interesting organic market call “about life” just opposite this cafe. So if you just want have a lazy afternoon, you can walk around in this suburb and have an awesome shopping tour.

Address: 586 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039

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