The “luxury” overland track experience – Part 2 (The private hut, the food and all other things)

Our trip began at the walker’s base at Quamby Estate.
This is a lovely place and all our gears have been checked by the experienced guides to make sure we carry as little weight as possible but still have all the essential items to have a comfortable hiking trip.

We hired the rain jacket, gaiters and rainproof pants, and the hiking company provided the bag pack. All the items were already ready for pick up. We also got a small cup as souvenirs and to be used during this trip with our lunch. We even got a small container for trail nuts for snacks during the day!

The trip ends at Quamby Estate as well. A mini celebration was waiting for us, a bubbling was opened, and the group photos took at the beginning of the trip was handed out by our guides — a nice touch to finish.

Our hiking guides

Without our hiking guides, this Overland trip won’t be possible for me.

Each of them carried almost 30kg of stuff and still able to walk faster than any of us. By looking at them somehow makes me feel I do need to do my gym activity a bit harder….

yup their bag is like double the size compare to mine and still walk so fast!

I was exhausted by just walking the track, while those two guys walked the whole track, and cooked all the meal, cleaned the huts (including moving all the waste) and looking after us when we need help.

They also so familiar with all the amazing creatures and plants along the track so it made this track much more fun than walk along

Can’t say enough thank you to them.

The private hut

This is my first private hut experience. For the cost of this trip, we probably can go somewhere much fancier. But I have to say the whole Overland track private hut and hiking experience was unique, with all the unexpected things happen along the way.

The hut itself has six rooms; each room can fit in 2 people. The bed is either a bulk style or two single beds. Mattress and sleeping bag was provided.

All the huts were hidden in the place that away from the main track and always have a small outdoor area for us to enjoy after a day of hiking.

the heli pad outside the Barn Bluff Hut at end of day 1

The roughness of this track makes me wonder the whole trip that how people able to build those huts. Apparently, the parts were assembled somewhere and got dropped by helicopters bits by bits. Its priceless effort that we were able to enjoy our night time somewhere warm and cosy.

Day 4 – Kia Ora hut is the most magnificent hut along the track, which well positioned towards the Cathedral mountain. And we saw a double rainbow! (Although my hiking guide dislikes this hut, because it is flat layered, hard to store stuff, too open space that not energy efficient and has two room located outside the main hut.)

The food, wine and snacks

At the beginning of each season, helicopters drop supplies into each hut, including all the cooking ingredients, wines, snacks and can food for lunch. We were so lucky to enjoy a wide range of delicious food along the way. Most importantly, all the meal were prepared by our hiking leaders!

Clearly, the pre-made bread won’t last long, so flour was used in each hut, but take that amount of effort each night after a long hike to make bread for a group of 12??? I don’t know what to say!

Hot drink with each lunch every day, no matter how remote we were during lunch.

Freshly made afternoon tea with scones and muffins (btw those hiking leaders are amazing, and they walked just super fast and prepared those during the time they wait for us in the hut)

not to mention the two-course meals dinner every day that’s the most fantastic part of this trip.

chicken curry with rice
Mushroom and pea risotto
Salmon and miso noodle
Lamb Ragu Risotto

The salmon and the lamb was carried by our two guides (12 people’s portion!).
All of them are the 5 star delicious and is something that I wouldn’t expect to get in such remote area (and also give me some idea about future dinner, isn’t that wonderful)

Not to mention, there is always dessert to finish the whole night.

The collection of the matching wine is outstanding too. Different red and white served each day, from the famous Tamar Valley wine region closeby. There is some world class white that I enjoyed:

This local hiking company is not only to put thoughts into hiking but also to showcase the most excellent Tasmania producer, which is the highlight of this trip. We enjoyed the local produced jams, savoury salsa and clutch (I even started writing my to-buy-list during the trip).

Lunch is always on the run, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t eat something fancy:

And eating in front of those view? Its unforgettable:

This is one of most memorable 6-days so far in my life. I didn’t lose any weight because of those food that I got fed, but I built a lot of confident on myself, that I should not be afraid with hiking on rocky road now, because I finished Overland.

To the next one.

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