[Pop-up] The dessert market under the Vivid Light – Milk n’Sugar

I wrote this market last year and got invited to the blogger’s session (pre-public opening which means much less people!) yesterday this year.

It is only open for 3 nights, and I am writing this up at the third night of this event.

The participant stalls this year are completely different:

Some of those are already have its fame around the world and the others are smaller dessert makers. Here is my 3 picks for the night:

Chu chu churro ($12)

I actually only had churro in those Sydney food court or chain dessert store. The Churro was always pretty hardish and I always wonder how this dessert make so many people crazy about it.

I guess I got the reason why so many people crazy about it this time. The freshly made churro was hot, fluffy like a donut inside and didn’t lose its crunchness outside. I also loved how they have three different dipping choice. Despite the fact that it is slightly expensive ($12/serve), I can’t say anything bad about it.

Watermelon ice cream sandwich ($8)

Something I saw it on the facebook, on the ins, and finally in Sydney.

I waited for 30 mins for the ice cream machine to warm up. Its a little bit disappointed because the ice cream was not actually watermelon flavored. Instead it taste just like vanilla with a bit of pink coloring.

But I can’t complain too much because it come with real watermelon. Hey, I am a crazy fan of watermelon.

The poison apple @sugar wheel ($8)

Very cute name and not even on the price board! We saw it on the display table and went asked the counter.

It is a green apple coated with sugar, and more sugar, the popping candy. I am not a big fan of the toffee apple because it is hard to bite in, and will make me looks messy. But hmmmm, its after dark, no one can see me, and the name make me feel like a princess (LOL).

the lighting was so bad that It is so blurry

It is load of sugars as you could imaging, and the popping candy made the whole experience so fun. just one small reminder, mideful of your teeth, it is hard.

After the dessert, the wharf started packed with a lot people. They all came for the Vivid night. It was a colourful night and the desserts. Let’s wait another year to see some new face!

another year of the dessert market

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