[Sydney] simple but outstanding – Est.

Peter Doyle, the chef of Est. said:

“I like the interplay of classic harmonious flavours enhancing the principal ingredient. Restraint and simplicity are important qualities for a perfectly cooked dish.”

I heard a lot of good things about this place. Finally, I have the opportunity to step into this elegant and historical establishment hotel and start my little food journal.
I like the environment here. All the servers were attentive and bubbly. They have this genuine lovely smile and make the whole dining experience so enjoyable. 
We picked 2-course dinner that night. It was a weekday, and we didn’t really celebrate anything. Every day is Valentine’s day if we make it right. 
The price was 105 per person + drink cost 
Like most of the place, we have been served the drinking menu first. I love the idea of the small drink trolley.  
I ordered a mocktail while Dr.R ordered an Old Fashion. 
A warm bread
For the course, people are welcomed to pick from any of the sections on the set menus. All the dishes we tried this time were hot dishes. 
moreton bay bug tail (burnt carrot, harissa, purple basil, carrot – shellfish butter)
Moreton Bay bug is always my top pick for seafood. It tastes slightly sweet and has this firm texture. mixed well with the burnt carrot and purple basil. 
John dory (squash, zucchini, pumpkin seeds, capers, tarragon, bottarga)The signature dish in Est. Clean taste, fresh John Dory slices, with a vegetable bed.

Aged duck breast (glazed parsnip, blackberry, yoghurt, star anise)This is my first time try aged duck breast. The duck breast was less fatty and taste smooth.

wagyu 9 (eggplant, toasted sesame, miso, garlic chive)Perfectly cooked wagyu beef, That wagyu fat taste was sooo delicious.

The petite four after dinner 🙂 
We all can see that nothing in Est. looks super fancy but they all taste right to the point that I like. I also really enjoy the atmosphere there. 
Address: 1/Establishment/252 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 

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