[Newtown] Flour Drum Spring tasting 2016

I was honoured to be invited to this place for a 2016 Spring menu tasting by FCBA and co-owners of Flour Drum. What I love about Flour Drum is its creativity and the menu on the wall.

When I walked in first time with a group of friend for brunch, I asked for a menu. the answer is: “look the wall, all our menu is on our wall”. its a very new experience for me (and all my guest) which is quite “Newtown”.

I have been offered a copy of the Spring menu (Yay not on the wall) and a beautifully decorated plate when the tasting started:


we have been told that the tasting will be consist 4 savoury dishes and couple of sweets to share.

here is the dishes we tried:

Savoury dishes:

  1. Moutai-Cured Atlantic Salmon, Poached egg (potato hash brown, Cream Fraiche, Wild rocket, herb, pickled fennel salad) – $19.5


2. Mushroom Medley & Poached Egg (Shimeji, Swiss Brown, Enoki, Shiitake, Botton & Field Mushrooms, spiced roasted pumpkin hummus, toasted Sourdough) -$18.5 Yuki’s recommendation


3. Potato & Salted Cod Croquettes, Poached Egg (Rocket herb, pomegranate, orange salad, roasted sesame dipping sauce) -$20.5 – Yuki’s recommendation


4. Zucchini & Lentil Fritters (Shredded cabbage, herbs, orange, toasted coconut & Pepitas salad citrus dressing) – 17


Something sweets:

  1. Pain au Chocolat French Toast (Stewed berries, creamed mascarpone, candied pistachio, cream, chocolate hazelnut sauce) -$17 –Yuki’s recommendation if you like something sweet


A lot of people said they don’t like french toast because it is too heavy. for some reason, the french toast here is more on the refreshing side than buttery heavy. I think because the Chef try to use a lot of berry ingredient. the tanginess balanced out the creamy texture.

definitely one of my favourite dish here!

2. Matcha Lamington Cake (the Little Miss Tokyo :))

Jonny the baker here definitely is super creative and this place dose have Sydney’s best Lamington cake. it can be a phenomenon in Sydney but hey Lamington is representing Australian food.

very unique combination for this Matcha Lamington. Its follow the Sydney’s current matcha trend but definitely at less sweet side which fit into my taste habit. if you like Matcha, give this Miss Tokyo a go 🙂


3. Grapefruit Lamington Cake


The chef/baker/barista/owner team


This place is prefect for a weekend friend’s catch up or just a morning breakfast. it can accomodate big group at the back table if you are not going during the peak hour.

Address: 531 king Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Open time: 7am – 4pm except Sunday open from 8am

Visited on 21 Oct 2016

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