[Surry Hills] Cook and Archies 2016 Spring tasting menu

Thanks for FCBA, I was invited to the new menu tasting for this place last weekend.


(The tasting crew)

I always wanted to try this place’s famous 3D animal coffee

(Isn’t it adorable?)

I actually always under this impression that this cafe was so far away from the train station. The reality is, it is literally 2 mins walk from the Central station. oh dear…


The tasting menu is something that currently might not available on the menu but it might be appearing very soon. The tasting menu is looked as follows:



Crispy French toast- a beautiful and crispy coated french toast. so nicely present. not too sweet in my opinion 


Bircher Muesli- not a big fan of this dish. too me the flavour is a little bit unbalanced and way too sweet to my taste


Chilli Scrambled eggs – love the chilling scrambled egg. such a creative way to do it. did I mention that this cafe actually use Iggy’s sourdough? yes that famous Iggy!


Eggs benny


Breakfast salad bowl- this is something that currently on the special menu. be honest I don’t like it so much because it is cold, too healthy and very filling. However, in the tasting group, it was one of the member’s favourite dish. So I guess it just depend on the person. 



Italian baked egg – i love this dish. I hope it can be a regular menu dish so I can come back and eat….


Pan-fried barramundi

Spanakopita (Greek spinach and feta and leek pie with horiatiki salad) – not really my thing as it is a bit too breadish. however that salad is very nice. look like greek salad but with spice infused. 


House-made potato gnocchi- my favourite dish from the whole tasting menu. the Truffle oil gave such a great aroma to the dish and the house made gnocchi is soon tasty . 


To Share


Lamb Kafta- love the lamb kata and the pita bread underneath. the tabbouli give the freshness to the whole dish and i love the sauce. 


Spiced cauliflower salad – Some part of it was quite spicy but I can taste the quality out of it.

if you want try those cute 3D print coffee, Julien the barista who can do it is usually work from Wednesday to Sunday. however this store can be very busy and they probably won’t be able to do the 3D things when it gets really busy.


Address4/14 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Tuesday 7am–4:30pm
Wednesday 7am–4:30pm
Thursday 7am–4:30pm
Friday 7am–4:30pm
Saturday 8:30am–3pm
Sunday 8:30am–3pm
Monday 7am–4:30pm
Phone(02) 9310 3933


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