[Sydney] Eat in the hidden garden and feel the breeze of summer – Acre Eatery

I have been wanted to try this place for a long time. Why? because of its massive garden.


You know, for me,  who has a farm dream but never have time and expertise to let a dream come true, I always admire those people who can manage a huge garden, not to mention there is a restaurant adjoint to it.


This was the old bowling club.  Now, it has been turned into a community garden.  It has a small coffee stand, an outdoor garden with long wooden table, and a romantic country-side felt formal restaurant.


Its perfect for summer, with a group of close friends, have a couple of drink, order some sharing plates and spent a whole night here.

Dr R and I came here multiple times before during weekend for coffee, it has the lovely atmosphere. People came here with their doggies, and kids love the community garden.

The night here is much quieter. The restaurant started filling people around 8, but the garden was relatively empty. It was around sunset, the sunlight splashed on the grape vain, give me this winery feel.


The price of the food in ACRE is towards fine dining, but give this relax and casual touch. There are some sharing plates options that very suitable for couples, or a group of friends. We saw a lot of tables around us ordered those, and we also tried one of them.

We ordered the rib eye to share. It recommended by the service lady that it should be enough for two if we order a side dish.

I really wanted to try their veggies from the garden, so I also ordered the seasonal veggies as the side dish. It seems like the sauteed silverbeet with almond flake. Be honest not the type of veggies that I liked because it is too tough. But it worked with the fatty meat. DSC_0818

We also ordered this interested Compressed and fresh summer melon dish:


That ball shape ingredient is actually a melon infused with red wine, fascinating concept.

Drink here is not bad too. This is the Manhattan we ordered:


I like the taste of it.

Dr R said we can come back again later after this meal, so I guess he must like this place as I do then.

Btw, the veggie from the garden outside this place is for sale sometimes, check their website for more information: http://www.pocketcityfarms.com.au



ACRE Eatery:


31A Mallett St
2050 Camperdown
NSW | Sydney

(02) 9194 3100


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