[sydney/pop up] the ultimate night dessert market in Sydney Vivid- Milk n Sugar

This gonna be one of the highlights in the Vivid night market for the sweet tooth – Milk n’Sugar brought a dessert market, with all the Sydney favourite dessert Pop up stores, and it only has 1 night left


The lighting was pretty bad for photos, so don’t blame me on this. We tried 5 different dessert stands and here is our list:

koi dessert bar



The well known Koi Dessert bar brought vivid special edition into the market. As usual, the cake is high quality, creative and with complex but delicious taste.

torch me crème burlee


My pick for the night. I am a big fan for cream burlee, and cream burlee with tim tam HMMMMM

I love how they actually use the torch to melt the sugar in front of you. That’s how cream burlee should be!!!

dessert bar by that arancini guy

This giant cheese wheel had been popular for a while, but this is my first time to try a dessert version of the cheese wheel

Spaghetti sauced in the cheese wheel, top up with some walnut and end up with honey and more cheese.

Taste not bad but it was very filling.

(Again, please don’t blame me about this photo colour

cheesecake on a stick

by bianco kitchen

I actually didn’t realise Sydney had such things. Only saw it on Facebook, was very excited to witness the process. Was fun and remind me of those chocolate coated ice cream!

Brooklyn boy bagels

I was very looking forward to this bagel (from last year!!!) because I just like to see rainbow colour! It just tastes like a normal bagel with sweet filling but its RAINBOW colour!!!


The market also has other famous dessert pop up:

donut Papi – famous doughnut

stroop bros – Ice cream sandwich


hungry bites – the super instagramable doughnut ice cream


where:  Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay, indoor so raining is fine

time:   Friday 08 June- Sunday 10 JUNE 2018; 6 pm tillate

Cost: free, dessert price range $6-15

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