[Sydney. ​Pop Up] fun and delightful to try gelato in a croissant – Crev at Regent Place until 17 June

I quite like to go to check out this small corner in Regent Place: it located in the basement, and hide right next to the escalator. Instagramers call it “the Instagram wall”.

This little corner is the home of a lot of interesting pop-up stores, like today’s one: Crev


Pop Up shop, Regent Place 486 Kent St

Sydney, Australia

Sydney likes a bit of mix and match: From croffin (muffin x Croissant) to cronut (croissant x doughnut), from ice cream sandwich to Nutella ball. Today’s product is surely one of those special combinations that I liked:

Ice cream in a premium croissant


Crev used the croissant from Sonoma. Those croissants themselves were really crispy with absolutely outstanding quality, and was the first element that caught my attention:


so I stopped and asked what can we put inside:


Gelato flavours might change now and then. My colleague and I asked staff to recommend the combination to us, and we got matcha and taro in one of them and chocolate in the other.

I also asked the maple chilli bacon and Durian Creme Patissiere as extra toppings. The Cola seems interesting, especially the 24-hour Cold brew Cola, but Hibiscus lemon Cola looked very pretty on Instagram. You know, I can’t say no to beautiful food….


That’s…my lunch.


It was epic. The gelato really added this amazing texture to the quality Sonoma croissant, it was buttery, milky but with a hint of savoury taste. Although I was so full after half of it, I just couldn’t stop finishing it.

DSC_0077My colleague had the chocolate with the maple chilli candy bacon. I had a sneaky pick on the bacon and tried, loved it (it is a perfect snack by itself).

For Cola:


The 24 hours cold brew one was really special and I highly recommended it to anyone who wants try something different. I never have anything similar before and was very refreshing. The Hibiscus Lemon tea taste like lemonade.


They also have a very cute alpaca toy on the table (and that’s why I stayed there for a bit longer…hmmmm)

This is a pop-up store and only open until 13 of June. Don’t miss the opportunity to try if you are in the city!


Pop Up shop, Regent Place 486 Kent St

Sydney, Australia 

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