[Sydney. ​Chippendal] a good neighbourhood gem with some great smokey dishes – LP’s Quality​ Meat

I always say a delicious and satisfying meal can be straightforward. A quality cut of meat or fish, and a simple presentation and a chef who know how to cook.

LP’s Quality meat is one of those. The menu is one A3 page, but I was super satisfied.

The entry of the LP’s Quality meat is at a small corner of an ally way. I was kind of doubt whether I walked into a wrong direction, but it turned out to be the…right place…


Opened the wooden door, and I felt I landed in an entirely different world. It was darker but much more lively, long wooden sharing tables, people sit around the bar, talking and chatting.  It is like those old-fashioned pubs, except the hanging sausage.

The cheerful waitress, with a big smile, lead us to our seats, a seat right next to the open kitchen. (Woahhhh big sausage on the grill and those chicken…hungry)


Menu looks simple but delicious. One message only- Let’s eat meat!

We picked 2 entrees, 1 main with 1 side and 1 dessert to share.

Duck and Chicken Terrine (With pickled cherries)

It tastes different from other Terrine I had previously. The terrine looks very firm, but when I try it, the flavour busted in my mouth! The unique duck flavour, mixed with the chicken umami taste, offered the sensational experience. The pickled cherries balanced the greasy flavour from the terrine and open the appetite to the next dish.

Rolled lamb with merguez Sausage 

We saw the rolled lamb cooked on the grill, and the irresistible smell starts spreading to the air.

Merguez Sausage tasted mild spicy. The smoked lamb rolled with some spice mix and surprisingly without any distinctive lamb taste. The signature sauce here was the highlight, as it gives different add-on flavour to the meat dish.

In-house Smoked Sausage

Yayyy, finally the sausage I have been staring for so long arrived.

Chic smokey flavour, juicy and mighty, this sausage is all meat-lovers must try.

An interesting  tomato salad


The tomato was a special kind that I totally forgot the name. But it taste very smooth and sweet. What I don’t like is the bread crumble in this salad, it indeed tastes too oily at my taste (but Dr.R seems loved it..hmm)

The dessert- Pounding Chomeur


be honest, I was so looking forward to this hot pudding. It has the nickname of “poor man’s pudding” and was something that “must-try” according to some food recommendation. But it was so greasy, heavy and sweet. certainly not too friendly to eat after all the meaty dish. The size is big too. We couldn’t finish it and it’s not really something I would order again.

The good side of LP’s meat- it offers simple but delicious meat dish. also, it sells those sausages so I can even enjoy them at home.

the bad side- I have to eat salad next day to clean my body LOL.

LP’s Meat – Suite 1, 16 Chippen Street
Chippendale, Sydney


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