[Sydney]an 18 years old restaurant​ chain, with perfect​ meat and wine – The Meat & Wine Co

When we talk about Australia steak, what was the first couple of word jump out of your mind?

“Good quality”,  “expensive” and “where to find a good restaurant for steak?”


A steak, a good one, in my view, only requires two essential elements: the cut, and the chef. If you order something that rare and you get a well done, that would be one of the most disappointing experiences in a restaurant. Luckily, that never happens in today’s recommended restaurant:

The meat & wine co 

This was the first semi-fine dining restaurant I tried after I arrived Australia, and was my first experience on excellent Australia steak. Ever since then, I went back multiple time with friends, especially friends from overseas, to share this joy with them.

Last week, when the fourth Sydney store opened in Parramatta, I was invited back to the newly opened restaurant for a 3-course tasting.

The steak was still epic, and the chic flavour was even enhanced by the matching wine. In fact, the wine for the night was all very smooth and perfectly paired with my matching courses. I was also so amazed by the glazed pork belly.

The raw

Wagyu tartare, whisky cured salmon and Shaved octopus

Pair with NV Mojo Pink Moscato



Out of those three sharing dish, I love the tartare, it was light, fresh, with the natural-good-quality of wagyu flavour (surely you know what I mean if you had those good wagyu before)

The Mojo Pink Moscato was a summer drink. I can imagine this can be  drunk on its own. It has a hint of floral and an elegant fruity sweet finish. Was a great match with those seafood entrees or the Waygu.

The entree:

Pork Belly 


Paired with Sensi Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige Italy


I was indulging in this pork belly, and I am thinking about it right now. It was so tender, full of juice and falls apart in my mouth. The glaze was finger-licking flavoursome.

This Pinot Grigio was citrus and tropical, the tangy taste rendered down the greasy taste from the pork fat and had a lovely finish!

The main:

Sophia (@sophichuu) and I shared the mains.

Monte (Grain fed) 200g fillet


Monte is the premium cut that exclusive supply to Meat and Wine Co. It was grain fed but surprisingly on the lean side. I love the thick cut. Cut a bit piece of steak, and slot into my mouth, start – chew! The cut was a little bit chewy but still tender, the juice of the meat slowly releasing into every corner of my mouth, delicious! Just salt will do a perfect seasoning job on this quality cut.

Shorthorn 350g Rib-eye (MB2+)


Shorthorn cute has a bit of fat, with marble grade 2+. It has slightly more complex taste than the Monte from its fat content. It tastes tenser, and bring true happiness because I actually really enjoy the fat part on a good steak cut.

Pair with the Bleasdale second innings Malbec


Believe or not, I am searching online to find a place to buy that Malbec. It was so lovely. Earthy with oak and strong tanning hint my palate when drink on its own. But it surprisingly matches so well with the steak and turned into much more fruity and smoothy notes. A superior one to try.

The dessert:

Creme brulee


On the light creamy side. Not the traditional dense type of cream burlee, and it is a nice after steak dessert.

apple pie 

I would call this an apple roll or sth. Super crispy pastry roll with hot and cinnamon-spiced baked apple. Loved it!!!


The Parramatta store just opened around March and located right next to the river:


I really enjoy this meal after a long day of hard work. I hope you will enjoy it too 🙂

The meat & wine co 

Shop 6 & 7, 330 Church Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150


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