[Sydney] the pizza place that holds all my joy memory – Bondi Pizza (20 dollars voucher enclosed)

8 years ago, when I started my first job at Bondi Junction, I still remember that my welcome lunch was at Bondi Pizza.

Floor to ceiling window, ample space and the fancy thin based pizza…this is my first impression of Bondi Pizza.


(this is the Broadway store)

And that was Bondi Pizza’s first store.

When I started my second job in Parramatta, Bondi Pizza was also one of my top lunch pick and group gathering among friends and colleagues.

In the last 8 years, I witness the growth of this brand, from one store to 7 stores.

My favourite pizza is the chargrill marinated lamb.


Succulent, juicy, tender. roll and have a generous bit, the meat juice, the light sauce, the crunchy sweet potato chips, all the good flavours hit every part of my taste buds and my brain just screaming -“ I WANT MORE.”

Not only pizza, but the cocktail here are also very creative. Best of the best? $9.95 Cocktail Thursday 🙂

Bondi pizza is a perfect place for small-medium gathering. There are various starters here. I highly recommend this chilli prawn with pizza bread and those Arancini balls:


DSC_0871DSC_0905I just love them.

Not to mention those desserts – oven baked swirls 

They served hot, dip in the premium chocolate and scoop some icy-cold ice cream on the top, have a bite – Hot and cold, a little bit of savoury with super creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s just YUM.


I really enjoy food from Bondi Pizza, and it has been a long and enjoyable eating journey with Bondi pizza.

So, to share my joy with you, join the “Inner Circle” and get the 20 dollars voucher from Bondi Pizza:

You just need to open it and it only takes 2 min for the whole registration process. 20 dollars voucher is enough for a good 8-inch pizza with a drink. You will also get a birthday voucher on your birthday month 🙂

Bondi pizza has 7 stores in Sydney now.

They are at Bondi Junction, Rydes, Broadway, Brighton Le Sands, east gardens, Parramatta and Macquarie. check https://www.bondipizza.com.au for more information 🙂



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