[Singapore] The infinity pool, the marina bay night and the gym experience – Marina Bay Sands

Well, this is me again. I know Marina Bay Sands is a hotel, a huge shopping mall, a landmark and a must tick-off-the-list item for any travel bloggers.   One more post won’t make any difference. So write this probably just for my own record. Although I do hope this one post will help you to know what you will expect because it is very confusing for me when I first arrived here.

A short index:


Before arrival


The infinity pool (Level 57 Tower 3)

The observatory deck (Level 56 Tower 3)

The gym (Level 55 Tower 2)

The food centre (Marina Bay Sand shopping mall B2)


Important notes:

The check-in time is from 3 pm but you can check-in at 12 pm to enjoy the pool first while waiting for the room to get ready. The check out time is 11am. Pool access will be denied after check out. 

Marina Bay Sands opened around 2010 and became another icon for Singapore. It looks very tall in the bay area so you won’t miss it when you pass this area. The top looks like a ship – that’s where the infinity pool, the observatory deck and the bar Ce la vu located.


The whole complex includes three towers, and the front, which is a giant shopping mall with a casino inside.


I booked the hotel via their own website.


Their website has the lowest price guarantee. I checked some booking websites, and that statement seems right.  If you plan to stay there for long, it also a good idea to apply for the Sands membership (its free and give a lot of shopping discount).

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.48.36 PM

The room I booked was a deluxe room with a sky view (guarantee level 40 and above). All the deluxe room can stay up to 3 adult or 2 adults + 2 kids.  Booking a room is the only legitimate way to have access to the infinity pool. Each person on the booking will be offering a key card, and that’s also the card to the pool, the observatory deck and the gym.

It was around 700 SGD for a night for 3 adults during the beginning of the April.

“Pretty pricey”, that’s my first reaction.

The confirmation will tell you which tower you will stay. Apparently, all the deluxe room types are located in tower 3.


2 day before your check-in time, the hotel front desk will email you to fill a guest form to speed up the check-in process. Its just standard information like guest name and passport number. There will be a super long queue, so I strongly advise you to do that before arrival.

I repeat again. The check-in time is from 3 pm but you can check-in at 12 pm to enjoy the pool first while waiting for the room to get ready. The check out time is 11am. Pool access will be denied after check out. 


(This is where the tower two located. you can already see people queuing up)

This is not only a hotel but also a sightseeing place. So it was really crowded and don’t expect the door boy will guide you through the check-in. I was bit lost when I first enter this building.  But I managed to find my way to the tower three finally.

Just remember to read the sign ;p


(the ceiling, I found it is pretty artistic)


So far, it is kind of like self-service, until I find the check-in line. I guess the hotel tried very hard to make their guest feel comfortable here, and also speed up the check-in process.  There are at least 4-5 hotel staff around the line, answer questions, handover waters and guide you to their bilingual staff if you prefer specific language (From my observation, I heard Mandarin, Japanese, French and English when I was in the line waiting).


I got this cute Japanese front desk girl check me in. She started a small conversation while she was waiting for me to find my reservation code

“did you just arrive?”


“so do you have any plans for today?”

“hmmm not really. I just bring my parents here to enjoy the pool, the view and rest a bit”.

*handover my reservation details*

“Oh, in this case, let me see, hmmm I checked you in the highest level room that I can give to you – Level 50 🙂 because you probably will stay in the hotel for your most of the time here :)”

What a surprise, and when I arrive my room, I think I got an upgrade…

The room Tower 3 – 500X

This is the largest room I ever stay in my travel life so far. Sorry, my hotel photo skill is much worse than my food photo skill. But it is definitely over 60 Sqm.




The minute I slot my door card in the power slot, the blind opened automatically. It is just stunning.



Yup, I can just stand here and stare at this view for the whole day. Thank you, Marina Bay Sands!


This room does not have a bathtub, but they made a cute elephant and two doggies for us :p

The infinity pool (Tower 3 Level 57)

The pool located at Level 57 of tower three. So it’s very convenient for us.

People probably saw this pool millions of times on all the social media. But its actually really really crowded.

The infinity pool has two parts. The one at the top of tower 3 is an adult only pool, which means fewer people. The one at the top of tower 2 roughly, is a family pool and that pool just full of kids. I still managed to get one shot without any other people!!!!






hmmm, this is how it really looks like…


The Observatory deck (via tower 3 side lift, entry from lobby)


Access to observatory deck will cost you around 28 SGD per head per entry, but the good news is it’s free if you stay in Marina Bay Sand. Also, they have Sunrise yoga session during the week at this observatory deck. I didn’t try but I can image it will be a great experience!

A must-do activity at night because it is just soooo beautiful!

Singapore is a night vivid city. During the daytime, it looks pretty but not that special



But during the night time, it is an entirely different world:

DSC_0319DSC_0291I can only use stunning to describe this.

The gym (Level 55)

I heard about its gym. So I decided to come here for a look.



I hope I can exercise in this kind of gym every day!


(My mum took this photos because she was waiting for me running…..)

It’s not big, small, but with a great view and enough equipment to keep you going.

For food, we didn’t eat at the hotel. One reason is it was somewhat pricey, second is we wanted to try some local food. So we came here for our dinner:

The food centre – Rasapura Masters – 24 hours food court


This food court located at B2 of the Marina Bay Sand shopping mall. Look how many people were there.

It is not the most impressive food court in Singapore but fed us well on the first day. Price is also very reasonable, all the dish range from 5-15 SGD. I think that chicken only cost me 5 bucks….miss it


This fried noodle stall seems very famous:



Alright, this is my first blog for my last week’s 6-day Singapore trip.

You might not like it because Marina Bay Sand is too commercial and there are too many people at any time. I highly recommend this place because it is a must-have Singapore experience, and in fact, I really enjoyed the view and the room during this stay.

Ok~talk to you guys next time 🙂


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