[Sydney/Burwood] Gorgeous fried chicken, but not only fried chicken – Chir Chir

I heard this place, walked past this place and stared at this place for quite a few times. I wanted to try this place for ages. But I was always by myself when I was at Burwood, and you know it feels very lonely to eat fried chicken alone, so I delayed ….until now.


Chir Chir Fusion chicken factory 

27 Belmore St, Burwood NSW 2134

Finally, I walked in here with my friends and their cute baby. To avoid the crowd, we entered here around 5:30, the time they just open for their dinner session. We tried this whole table of food, and we finished most of it, even the young baby loves the food that she could eat.

Here is the group photo of those dishes that already in our bellies:


Top Left:

Three entrees: deep fried squid (dip with salt and pepper)


a bit on the oily side but I love the crispiness. This is one of those dishes that great with beer or soju

Deep fried rice cake (dip in white sugar)

Korean rice cake is soft and slightly savoury.  After deep frying, they coated with a crunchy rice type of layer. It tastes delicious and interesting.  I am not particularly big fan of the white sugar dipping though. (Have you ever try those rice cake dip in the Korean kimchi sauce? If not, I strongly recommend you to try because I love them!)

Deep fried crumbled prawn


I really like this dish because it offers people a different choice in within one dish. The prawns were juicy, crunchy, delicious with or without sauce.

Bottom left:

The venus Cheesy Chicken

The star item here as the store manager adviced. From the menu, I noted that it has three type of cheese inside. So I was kind of curious.


This is the half size. Normally it is for 1 person or 2 people. Soon the lovely waitress turned on the fire to heat the pan. The cheese inside started to melt. She said “countdown for 7 seconds”.


and she started pouring more cheese!!!! Now I got the name. Different type of cheese gives different flavours. Some cheese is more cheesy while others might be more creamy.

I highly recommend this dish. The fried boneless chicken blended so well with those cheesy sauce and diluted the oily flavour we normally got from the fried chicken. Make me want more!!

Top Right:

Beef Noodle? It is one of their new menu items as advice. I really can’t remember the name. You can swap the beef with pork belly. The noodle is kind of special and taste like pasta. A little bit chewy but very silky !!! It was a absolute indulging and I was falling love with the sauce!


Korean Seafood hotpot soup


Its mild, not overly spicy and huge chunk of seafood inside!!!

Bottom right:

the most important dish of this meal – TRIO

I think its perfect for three and a half (if you count a baby as half LOL) to share because we wanted to try different flavours but was hesitating we couldn’t finish. Here we go, the Trio solved our problem.

Three most popular types of chicken in one go. From mild to spicy, to cater everyone’s need. We picked the chicken wings but you can also pick boneless if you don’t like chewing on the bones.

This is like the second time in this year I am eating fried chicken, I think my fitness plan is another new year resolution -_-

Finally, you can enjoy a wide range of soju (Korean white wine/vodka), Korean beer or plum wine here with your meal.


Or some mocktail soda (or with some soju to make it as an adult drink ;P)


Chir Chir Fusion chicken factory 

27 Belmore St, Burwood NSW 2134

It has the big tables and large space. Suitable for big family and group gathering.


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