[Sydney/Burwood] Share those 1kg buckets​ with a table-full of friends – Burwood hotel 1kg menu

I got a message from my best foodie friend at night 10:30pm. She asked: “hey girl, its a bit last min but do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night???”

“where??” I was half sleepy but woke up after heard the word “food”.

“This Burwood hotel just had a new 1kg menu, sounds interesting, so in or not?”

“Oh yes! let’s do it.”

I didn’t realise what I got myself into. I thought 1kg means 1kg of steak or 1kg of sausage…like those 1kg challenges the corner pubs/hotels would do. So when I walked to this hotel, I saw this:


WOW! <- yeah this is my thought…It’s actually 1kg of nibbles! Chicken wing, beef ribs, chips and school prawns!


Burwood hotel is located just at the corner of Burwood Road and Railway Parade. It’s a beautiful and convenient place to sit down, have some drinks and nibbling on those small bites. I was super excited to see this deep fried crispy school prawn on the list:


(School prawn $25 for half a kilo)

It is crispy, fragrant, steam hot when served and addictive. It is a perfect match with beer or just on its own. I love school prawn because it is small and you can eat the whole prawns. No waste, no pilling, just nom until I got bored.


Another kilo dish we ordered is the bbq chicken wing.


I think it might be better to marinate the chicken wing in the sauce a bit longer because inside was a bit bland taste. But the price makes it unbeatable and irresistible. The whole basket was only $12, and the sauce gives this punch in the mouth, which is perfect to eat with any icy drink. This is a real time killer, we talked and chewing on those wings and didn’t manage to finish in 2 hours…


we soon realise that we ordered too much…. and we still have this sides- Baos:


Taste not bad at all! the bao was not the fluffy type, more like the mo, the Chinese bread. A little bit chewy but it tastes great with pork belly.

well, for girls, we always have the second stomach. Although we already packed the leftover wings and school prawns because we were way too full, we still ordered the desserts.

There are only two desserts in-house. We tried both. The pavlova is just SOOOOO cute:


I am a big fan of pavlova. So the big thumb up for the syrup. That yellow syrup is mandarin taste! very special and balanced the sharp sweetness from the pavlova. A little downside is this pavlova is slightly on the hard side. So if you looking for creamy texture, it might little disappoint you.

This flourless chocolate cake with berry compote is just pure amazing. It might look nothing special:


but that cake is one of the best flourless chocolate cake I tried. It is so smooth and has this aromatic aftertaste, and make me want to have another bite. This is something that I definitely want to come back and have it again!

In summary, I highly recommend:

  • Crispy school prawn
  • The flourless chocolate cake

But others are worth to try if you have more belly space!

The Burwood hotel

121-123 Burwood Rd

Plenty of space for a big group gathering


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