[Tassie.Hobart] waterfront and food – the wharf ​


After last two Hobart blogs, I got asked by my friends privately.

“Where to eat and what to eat?”

2 years ago, I came to Hobart for a day. Couldn’t really do anything too out of the town because I didn’t have a car. So I basically spent the whole day around the wharf, from sunrise to the sunset, with endless food options.

I absolutely loved it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.20.48 PM

The wharf area itself is a very scenic area




It is also famous for its Saturday Salamanca market, although I missed it twice already. Oh well…another reason to go back.



Although Mures lower deck looks really big, I don’t recommend the oysters there.


I came here more than twice. Oysters here was always kind of skinny and washed, which means not much flavour left and not creamy enough to mine taste.


There are a lot of good oysters options along the wharf from the floating seafood market. Just right in front of the Mures. Some of the place there was just a seafood store, that you only do take away from there. We went this place called Mako. It is just opposite Mures and offered great fresh oysters:


(This photos from 2 years ago. lucky it still there in 2017!!!)


Ice cream:

Mures lower deck is famous for its ice cream. There are so many choices here, and it changes from time to time. You surely can find the one you like.


I got a huge scoop of ice cream for less than 5 bucks!


For a little bit fancier choice, Van Diemens Land Creamer closeby is another top choice.

The gelato here tastes so creamy and smooth. Worth a drop by 🙂


A little fancier Dinner:

Drunken Admiral is a must try in my opinion at Wharf area.


Make sure you book in advance because the restaurant gets very busy. It is not only famous for its seafood pot but also its fantastic interior design. It had this old pirates themes and was decorate as a mid-century ship

The most famous dish here is the fish Stew. You can even see the giant pot outside the restaurant:


The fish stew is basically a seafood curry. Dr R said the influence was from UK and India. It tastes nice though. Just the serving was huge. I would recommend sharing between two people.


The entree size here is also huge- Hot stone fish, look like a main to me.

It is on the pricey side, but I definitely recommend my reader to try this place.

Mures Upper deck is another famous place for a fancier meal.

The reason why it call upper deck- you need walk upstairs….


I went there for lunch because dinner was fully booked. It focuses on seafood dishes.I still felt the oysters wasn’t creamy enough and couldn’t remember much about the taste of the rest of meal. The views were very beautiful.


I highly recommend this whisky bar!! IMG_1261

Essentially they are a whisky Bar which provides tasting service.


This is the first time I encountered Whisky and Gin tasting.

Although I decided to just have a regular Old Fashion, indeed I would love to go back again!!


(Kind of regret that didn’t get a bottle of gin for Dr R..hmmm)

Scallop pie

I didn’t really see any scollops pie, and neither did Dr R. But I have been kept asking by people whether I tried Scallop pie. So one morning we walked like the whole Wharf and trying to find a scallop pie.


And we find in this small cafe Habour Lights Cafe just across the road. This is the only cafe we found that day that have scallop pie…


It’s just…Scallops in the pie? I still prefer the fresh scallops or just pan seared scallops

Those pretty much were all the food places around/inside the Wharf area. There are some interesting little bars I would love to try next time I go there. Let me know which one you like that I didn’t include!

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