[Tassie.Hobart]the view is uninterrupted, panoramic and car accessible​ to the very top – Mount Wellington


I am very jealous of Hobart residence. They are so close to the finest seafood and also this post-card view just 30 mins drive from the central CBD of Hobart.

One night after the dinner, we looked at the sky. It was still bright. It was about 1 hour to the sunset. Dr.R impromptu decided to check out the Mount Wellington because it should “be good”.

So we cancelled our dessert plan, drove the car all the way up to The pinnacle, right before the sunset.


Photos here can’t tell a good story about how magnificent it was when we stopped at top of the Mount Wellington. The air crisp, sunlight shimmering, the stone with Tasmania unique red mark, looked like on fire under this epic sunset moment, and then the dark slowly rolled in.


Wallabies started their dinner time and looking at us curiously.


I just can’t get enough of this view.


The pinnacle is the starting point for some hiking tracks which we did not have enough time for this short trip, but we certainly plan to come back again and try those walk in the future.


There is a closeby Pinnacle observation shelter, open until 10pm normally. Its glass house and offer you an uninterrupted view of the whole Hobart city. The city slowly lighted up after the sunset. The door of the shelter was closed, very quiet there, make me have the illusion that the world is only me there.

DSC_0283But so my peace was broken by Dr.R.

“Shall we go back”


From dream to reality

Tips: bring a light torch if you plan to stay longer after the sunset. Also drive slow after dark. A lot of wallabies were on our way back to the town.



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