[Japan/Osaka] the beginning of a new trip, hotel and eating Fugu at Zuboraya Dotombori

We went to Japan during 2017 Christmas and New year period. Apart from the fact that the Hotel is relatively expensive than usual during this holiday period, we certainly had a great time there.

No matter seafood, dessert or some exotic food ingredients, Japan is good at handling food.  I quote one of my foodie friends word

“you can’t go wrong with any shop on the street. they just simply all delicious.”

That is very true.

That’s why my trip is more like a food trip.

Let’s start:)

Japanese really care about their seasonal ingredients. Just like Australian love Tassie cherries during December and January, the following ingredients are for winter seasons.

  1. Fugu (puffy fish)
  2. Japanese snow crab (the super long leg one)
  3. Chestnut
  4. Sweet potato (white)
  5. Strawberry (we have to admitted the japan strawberry is super expensive yet super yummy)

We arrived the night before Day 1, so we can settle in and have a good rest. We stayed in Osaka Westin for the first 4 days. Osaka Westin is located at 7 min walking distance from Osaka station. It is right next to the Umeda Sky Building, and our room has a fantastic view.


(view from the hotel window. no joke)

here is the website of Osaka Westin: http://www.westin-osaka.co.jp.e.iu.hp.transer.com

We contacted this hotel before we landed and asked for the restaurant suggestion. Westin was really helpful and professional. The whole check-in was smooth and efficient. The check-in girl walked us to our room and showed us the room facility which is very nice of her. We booked a non-smoking room which was somehow not available. Westin offered us a free upgrade to the higher level king room.

The lunch was booked by Westin. Dr R want to try Fugu so we went the famous Dotombori Fugu place Zuboraya Dotombori. It didn’t look that busy on that day we booked but to be safe, booking was suggested.


(its hard to miss this place if you come to Dotombori because it has a giant fugu outside the restaurant)

Fugu is a type of fish that can be highly toxic if not prepare it properly. When it get scared or angry, it will get puffed. Japan has the long history of eating fugu and Osaka treat fugu as a winter delicacy.


(cute fugu drawing on the table)

We ordered a hot pot set <大黒(鍋)8品> to share. It was 7500 Yen (89 AUD) for 8 different fugu dishes including fugu sashimi, fugu tempura, fugu hotpot, fugu milt (yeah some exotic things if you check what is it), fugu skin salad (which not in this photo), fugu small entries

after you finish the hotpot, the stock will be used to make congee with egg and seaweed, which was a really nice finish in the winter


Fruit was also served


The taste of fugu is kinda different from other fish. The meat tasted very chewy, and the skin was very thick. When we ate the thinly cut skin as the salad, it tastes like those pork skin jelly in some of those Chinese restaurants as the entree. However, the stock from fugu had this sweetness, and it went really well with rice and egg.

Zuboraya has English menu and waitress speaks minimum English.

-This is part of Day 1 itinerary-

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