[Sydney.CBD] Sasaki- the little Japanese restaurant hiding in the concrete jungle

Everyday wares and simple home cooking. It is these two ideas which are central to SASAKI

When we talk about Cre Asion, foodies who love match would immediately think about that little cafe that hides in the CBD office building. This can be called as the top Sydney matcha place. Within 6 years, this small cafe still very crowded every day.

And today, the owner of Yu Sasaki opened a new dinner place just right next to Cre Asion:




When the small office next to Cre Asion empty out, the owner saw the opportunity to fulfil his long last dream – to open a dinner place.  That’s also why Sasaki is tiny and booking is essential.



this store’s menu has small changes every day according to the market.



The type of cooking style is from Shimane Japan, and the concept behind it is “harmony with nature.”



A dish, a bowel, a cup. Every single cutlery has its special meaning through the everyday use.

In this small restaurant, every dish was presented by those dining ware that carefully selected by the owner, and handmade by the worker in Shimane. When you eat here, it’s not only about food, but also this thought of showing the hometown food via those homewares from the owner.




Egg & Crab ($11)

Highly recommended. on a chilling night, this super hot egg pudding is perfect. The sweetness of the crab meat and the soft but tasty savoury egg pudding, every bit is delicious



Pork Salt Daikon ($26) Highly recommend, salted bath and the meat was so juicy and tender. but you might need to wait 40 mins for this dish.




Rice, chicken & mushroom ($11)

There is no white rice in this restaurant. every day, this place cooks the daily special rice in this giant clay pot. We had the chicken and mushroom one and it was really delicious.




Eggplant Buckwheat & Ginger ($19)

We picked eggplant as the veggie dish and it was a very interesting dish. it more like a pudding taste and it is like an entree.


Mackerel, Vinegar & Rice ($23)

We can’t really guess what is this on the menu until it has been served. it looked interesting and it was the sushi with Mackerel on the top.

Be honest, I don’t like this dish too much because it tastes too fishy. Although the Thai lotus looks really interesting.




Flathead, Sakura & Kombu ($19)

the Flathead sashimi marinated in the sakura salt. Eat with a dip that made from miring and kombu.

The only dish that I don’t recommend here. too fishy to me and my friend. but it does look really pretty





for dessert

Potato & Butter (front,$5)

Highly recommend. the sweet potato chips were perfect pair with the caramelised butter potato mash.



Nuts Monaka ($6)



Fig & Sudachi ($7)



Mandarin & Pomelo ($8)



The waiter/waitress here were all very serious and attentive. Sitting next to the bar is differently an interesting experience.

the environment is quiet and suitable for chat or dating.



I want Sasaki to be a meeting point for the people of Shimane and for you a customer in Sydney 

- Yu Sasaki the owner


Sasaki102/21 Alberta St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone (02) 8068 9774


average:$60-$70 (4 courses,drink excluded)

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