[Chippendale] Holy duck, the duck place

I love duck, Cantonese roast duck, slow cooked duck, peking duck. any type of ducks.

this place is a newly opened restaurant that hide in the new Chippendale alley way and serve all duck dishes. it has very interesting interior design and you won’t miss it when you see so many “holy duck”:

we came here as 7 people and we ordered as many dishes as our belly can fit in.here is the crew:

Here are two best dishes among all others:

crispy duck: you have to cut it yourself but it was delicious with pancake.


Crispy pork belly: the skin was nicely down. just the portion is a bit disappointing


yup they all have crispy skin and I love how they cooked. it taste not that healthy but with this nice crackling outside, especially the crispy duck.

the dishes that are above average:

duck spring roll: its a big spring roll. one cost us 5 bucks. But its nicely deep fried and I love the twist of the spice inside.


lotus chips: I have been waiting this for ages and finally tried here. its crispy when its just out of the kitchen so make sure you ate them quickly. it became soggy after awhile


Roasted duck:

this place has a a whole wall of roasted ducks

so this dish came really quick. I like how the duck seasoned but the skin is not crispy enough to my standard and it was kind of soft and oily.


something disappointing:


hmmm this is a bowl of taro rice. we waited for 30 mins and were thinking it was those dessert purple rice. but its actually a fried rice.


on the menu this called caramelised sweet and stick bbq pork (with green apple and sake sauce). but its actually just Ca shu (Chinese bbq pork). we were kind of looking forward to something more special but thats the end product.

for a dinner that fill our belly, we paid $20 per person on this meal.

Service: if you want split bill, you have to pay at counter,. otherwise you can wait until the end. Service was ok

environment: casual

mark: 3.7/5

address: the old rum store, Kensington st, Chippendale, Sydney

here is the menu for all the food. they also serve duck burger.




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