[Sydney Glebe]The Boathouse on Blackwattle bay

During last year’s end-of-year party time (aka pre Christmas time), I came here with my lovely Dr R. He has been talking about this place for awhile, and always curious about its food.

its hiding at the end of the Ferry road and was not close to any public transport sortda. So we took a Uber. The first things we saw was the menu outside the restaurant wall:


its heavily seafood related dish with also other options to choose from. to the main part of the restaurant, we walked through a small stairs like this:


kind of interest, but probably not too recommend for high heels (like me lol).

After we got seated, drink menu has been served. we ordered a house special cocktail and a lemon lime bitter. Both of them are quite nice, especially the coriander infused gin based cocktail.(I am sure it has a name but i just can’t remember now..hmmm )

Then we read the menu. One very first things we saw was the extensive long list of oysters:


not only those, they also have daily special oysters you can choose from, if you are the oysters’ expert. we picked the following two types”

I want something that is not too metallic taste and with nice and creamy finish. Those were recommended by the restaurant. They both pretty good and fit into my criteria.

We ordered another entree together with those oysters, which is a Mount Cook Salmon sashimi:


The sashimi was really fresh, well cut, and with the sweetness that unique to Mt Cook’s salmon.

(in-house Mignonette and Dark Rye Bread)

Of course for the main, we ordered the signature dish here – snapper pie:

Most people here order this as a sharing dish. therefore the waiter already very well trained on cutting those pies and put on seperate plates for us. Before we came here, i already got told by many of my foodie friend that snapper pie is a “must order” item here.

After I tried, I kinda understand the reason:


The fish was so creamy without any fishy taste. the meat was moist and soft, and works really well with the sauce. It taste slightly sweet. The puff was so fluffy and taste like cloud. It melt in my mouth and I was kind of regret that I shared lol.

But in face, it was a pretty big dish, so we only ordered one dessert to share at the end.

The banana soufflé (and yes you need to wait about 20 mins for it to be happen):

The best soufflé I had ever (I haven’t been in France yet).

For two entrees, one share main and one share dessert, it was about $140 dollars. Wasn’t cheap but the food was very good.

The restaurant’s environment is nice with full water view oversight the fish market and city. If it is a clear day, sunset is pretty amazing.


Overall, it was a great experience, and I wish I can come back here soon again for that snapper pie.

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

environment: 4.5/5

Address: 123 Ferry Rd, Glebe, Sydney, Australia.
Water taxi access to the front door.
10 minutes drive from Sydney CBD.
10 minutes walk from Sydney Light Rail.

book online at opentable.com.au

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