[Sydney Event] Experience NZ wine in a city jungle

If I didn’t get invited by FCBA, i won’t even realise that here has an abandoned hotel, just right next to the famous desert bar- K.O.I.

Now in next couple of weeks, the New Zealand Wine Stoneleigh turned this abandoned hotel into a city jungle, mixed wild nature with the hotel and old furnitures, to create this amazing and fairytale type of environment. Each session provided some tasting notes and you get to try one of the quite special wine here- wild fermented wine.


(The entry and the wine notes table)

The interior design was really amazed me, and let me wonder how long it took to make everything set down, especially those moss:

But I would imaging that the atmosphere would be a bit spooky at night after dark:

We tried the usual Sauvignon Blac and wild valley fermented Sauvignon Blac, and compared them with wine notes when look at the mimic process in one of the room:

From the winery’s explanation, the wild fermented process means the winery did not add any yeast or similar product to the grape during the wine making process. This makes the fermented wine more valuable because it is not controllable sometimes. I personally prefer the usual Sauvignon Blac because it has its clean crispiness and also a very strong passionfruit aroma which is quite unique. It easy to drink and perfectly chilled in a summer day. The fermented Sauvignon Blac has more of the mineral taste and also lost its crispiness. Its more deep in its flavour.

Then we tried the Wild valley Pino Noir which is a fermented red wine:

The Pino Noir was a surprise for me, as I don’t normally drink red because of its rich, deep and strong tanning taste. But after the wild fremented process, it feels more balanced, easier to drink and without this strong mineral after taste. Definitely worth to try.

This place now open to public until 3 Dec for free. worth for a go even only for some photos.

Address: 48 Kensington Street, Chippendale



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