[The Rocks] Tea Cosy:one of the best freshly baked scones in Sydney

After walking around The Rocks market in a weekend afternoon, you might ask yourself: where to have a nice Devonshire tea?

Here is a small but famous Devonshire tea cafe hide in The Rocks – The Tea Cosy. Freshly baked scones everyday and the out-of-the-oven time is indicated outside the cafe’s board:


If you wonder how many people this small looking cafe can take, the answer is, a lot. Walking inside, you will find that this old building have a big backyard, a ground floor, first level and a second level for people to sit down.

We came here for a morning tea instead of the afternoon tea, because they only allow group book before 11:30 during weekend.

The ground floor and the backyard is suitable for smaller group of people:


You can see that there are knitting kits on the table. thats not for you, thats for their tea pots (thats why its tea cosy?):

if you really like those pot cosies (I call them sweater lol), you can also buy them. you can see that each of them have a price tag for your reference.

We had a group of 8 people and we sit on level 2 where there is a more private room with a balcony outside. It looks like in someone’s home be honest:


(here is the group of beauties and gentlemen)

we ordered three set of  Tea Cosy Tasting (4 scones, assort sandwichs, 2 jams choice and 2 drinks on a 3 tiers)-$45 and a plate of Galway salmon -$16 to share.

Here is the full tasting set (to free some table space, the 3 set has been combined to two set when it served):


We all believed that plain scones are the best, and the scone here were so moisture and soft, with this creamy smooth texture. Its light in taste but have this subtle sweet after taste at the same time.

There are so many jams options here to pick from and its also depend on seasonal fruits:


those Jams were all made in house and all looks really delicious. Luckily we can pick 6 choices, so we pretty much tried every jams on the list that day.

My personal preference was Strawberry and vanilla:


its not as tangy as strawberry jam itself and have strong vanilla infusion. Perfectly paired with cream and the freshly baked scone.

The Galway salmon is also made on the scone:img_0492

its for those people who prefer some savoury stuff. It was good because all the ingredients was fresh, but I still prefer the traditional Devonshire tea set.

This place also serve a lot of interesting ice tea:


there are real fruits inside, and I ate them after I finished the tea.

Price was friendly, we were very full after those food and we even took away some finger sandwich:


$157.5 in total, thats less than $20 per person, more importantly, we had a great time from escape the busy life and feel like back to those old days.

hmm I miss that place again.

Visited 21 August 2016

Location:The Tea Cosy 33 George Street The Rocks 2000

Monday 10am – 4pm
Tuesdays – Closed
Wednesdays to Fridays 10am – 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays 9.30am – 5pm


Ph – 02 92474955
Email – info@theteacosy.com.au

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