[NZ/Auckland]Tapestry in Pullman Auckland

During the Oct long weekend, we travelled to Auckland. It was a very rush decision and was made in one night. the reason? the air ticket was on big sale..

Lucky enough, Accor was also have a huge promotion back in September and I managed to get a good price to stay in Pullman’s executive suite for a decent price.

We arrived Auckland pretty late that night, and it was on a Monday night. Although Pullman has its central CBD location, but a lot of the surrounding bars were closed. We were kind of exhausted so decided to just picked the hotel restaurant- Tapestry.


Overall experience, the service left me a very impressive impression. All waiters were well trained and have very professional manner. they checked with table about food nearly after every dish to make sure everything went well.

I would give food a 3/5 mark. quality wise it was good. Menu was interesting and freshness was certainly there. But I found it was too salty.

Here is what we had that night:

  1. Yellow fin tuna, smoked eggplant, black garlic: a super elegant entree to share. the smoked eggplant was definitely a surprise to me and the whole dish has so many interest element.


2. Fresh NZ oysters served with condiments- I am a big fan of oysters. But this is definitely not one of the best oysters I had. its too slim and not cream enough to my taste. Also it has this strong metallic after taste. won’t recommend if you like rich and cream taste oysters. I think Sydney’s oysters are much better.


3. Green lipped mussels, pernod garlic butter, confit tomato sauce rouille – I told Dr.R that I want NZ green lipped mussels. he looked at the menu and said ok, lets just get this dish. its a bit let down which I should expected because I wasn’t a big fan of green lipped mussels compare to black mussels. The green mussels have this rubbery texture which make it so hard to eat. Also this sauce is too strong to my taste.


4. Black seafood Paella, slipper lobster, cuttlefish, saffron aioli – It was a very nice dish, just i can’t really tell it is paella. you can see that it has a lot of great seafood ingredients inside. the slipper lobster’s meat was firm and sweet, the black rice was fragrant. However it is just not paella in my view and the portion is a bit small. But I have to admit that it is very creative.


I have to say drink was awesome. I had lemon lime bitter there and it was one of the best i had in my life.


As an Accor plus member, I have to say the price was very lovely. After 50% off, it was 47 NZD in total. I would recommend this place if you feel to lazy to walk around and find other food.

Pullman Auckland
Corner Princes Street and Waterloo Quadrant, 1010 Auckland
New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 353 1000
Fax: +64 9 353 1002 

 Visited on 3 Oct 2016

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