[Alexandria] Fisher &Paykel Experience Centre cooking demo

I have been invited to do a project with Social Soup, which involves in a Woolworth recipe test and attending a Cooking demo from Fisher & Paykel. While cooking is sometimes annoying during busy working time, looking pro chef doing cooking demo in a nice and well designed kitchen was certainly a great experience.


(Centre entry)

Fisher & Paykel experience centre in Alexandria apparently was the first centre in Australia. It has a large space for its guest to experience Fisher & Paykel’s kitchenware and also it function like a education centre. We learned how to cook a proper roast meat, potato chips and even how to make a pickle in 20 mins.

in the cooking demo, the following dishes was cooked in front of us:

  1. Herb & Pepper Crusted Beef

To make the herb crust, our pretty chef placed peppercorns, salt, garlic, rosemary and parsley into the pastel and pound until broken down. she then sizzle in oil and mix it with the paste. then she rubbed those mixture on the top of this beautiful beef roast.


Can you see the Probe? the latest Fisher & Paykel oven has a built-in meat probe and it connected to the oven temperature measurement. push the probe into the thickest part of the beef roast and you just need to wait the mean has reached the internal temperature which I have been told is 61 degree.


Those meat roast were sooo tender. even better than what I tried in a proper restaurant!

2. Homemade Twice Oven Baked Chips

The first side we tried that night was the chips. Our chef demonstrated how the thick potato chip should be cut in a upper class restaurant. One potato can only turn into four piece of thick cut photo chips. The waste will turn into potato mash.

but since we don’t have potato mash that night, we still baked the cut of edge.

the good way of doing chips was to steam it first. Apparently steam is the better way of cooking potato without adding extra moisture. We learnt that Fisher & Paykel’s new oven is able to release the moisture inside the oven very quick. thats how you can have your chip super crunchy!


here is the end result


3. Pickled Radish, Green Beans & Watercress Salad

The second side we had was a salad which all made from scratch, even the pickle!

The way to make pickle was to combine vinegar, salt and sugar in a small saucepan and warm gently for 1 minutes, and add radishes and eschalots and making sure they are submerged and stand at room temperature.


chopping all the ingredients.


4. Chocolate & Salted Caramel Lava Cakes

we had this as dessert. We didn’t see how our chef made this cake but it taste healthy and great.


The dinner hall is look like this and surrounded by a lot of awesome looking equipment and kitchen demo.

Fisher & Paykel’s customers can come and pick the set they like and do a quick space planning in the center:


I particularly love their outdoor range. I dreamed about one in my garden (if I have one big garden haha):


The centre just opened and was planning to become a function centre and might available for court hiring later. The interior has a NZ touch which indicated that Fisher & Paykel’s NZ heritage.

Fisher & Paykel Experience Centre

90-96 Bourke Rd, Alexandria, NSW 2015

Email: syd.experiencecentre@fisherpaykel.com

visited 20 October 2016

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