[Alexandria]Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie

Because this place’s cake always pop up on the Instagram, we finally decide to make a special trip there and try its beautiful looking cake. However, I must say the cake was a big let down.
The shop was located in an residential apartment block but has a pretty big space. it was fairly busy around 11am during the weekend we arrived.
As a group of 7, we ordered 4 different cakes, 2 pastry items and 4 brunch items to share.
here is the list of cakes we tried:

Grand Marnier Cheesecake – it looks really pretty but has this rubbery/jelly texture. Be honest I can’t taste this is a cheese cake until I recheck the name list. I tried again after I check the name but still unable to tell the cheese. was a big disappointing.

Apple Crumble – didn’t manage to take a photo. this one actually was the best one among the 4. However, it still has this interesting jelly texture and the apple flavour just very very subtle.


Coffee Éclair– again, it looks really pretty but the Eclair wasn’t puffy enough and it just taste like a cream Eclair instead of a coffee one.


Mandarin and Tonka– this one really disappointed me. Despite this constant jelly texture among all three, this has a unbearable bitter mandarin after taste and this is actually my first time that can’t finish a cake.

This is not only my opinion, two other girls in this brunch was very disappointed about those cakes too and we end up wasted some of it.

On the other hand, the well priced brunch items here were actually surprised us. Here was the menu on the day:


we ordered 3 dishes to share:


Shukshuka ($12) – it was warm and delicious. the pot was baked on the spot thats why it took about 20 mins. but I would say it worth the wait.


Mushroom & Spinach ($14) – Absolutely love the grill mushroom and the spinach. it was prefect match with the poached eggs.


The Jersey- Breakfest Burrito ($14)- special and not usual to see at brunch place. its like a wrap but its very filling and prefect for a quick fix.

The pastry was very well made as well. we ordered the daily special croissant (I think was raspberry) which look like this:


I can taste the quality butter it used in its pastry. so I ordered two normal croissant as takeaway.
In conclusion, I like the brunch menu. It has very good value and deliciously made. Pastry was good too. However, I probably won’t come back for the cake.
Overall: 3/5
Address274 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015


Wednesday 7am–3pm
Thursday 7am–3pm
Friday 7am–3pm
Saturday 7am–4pm
Sunday 7am–2pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7am–3pm
Phone(02) 9699 6156
Visited 8 August 2016

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