[Newtown/Erskineville]Fleetwood Macchiato

We visited this place as a girls’ meet up. We picked this cafe due to its very high Zomato rate.

Its a quite small cafe around the corner and you can park the car opposite the store if you decide to drive there.

The wall behind the counter is filled by fresh juice and soda glass bottle which is kind of eye catchy. Menu wasn’t long and we picked two most interesting dishes (by sounds of it) from the list:


Watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, house-made yoghurt, speculaas crackle

The dish is definitely refreshing and very fruity. However it is easy to get watery in this summer hot weather because it mixed with yoghurt. we ordered two and one of them become really watery after 30 mins and the crackle was soggy because soaked in the pineapple juice.

I like the crackle which is pretty unique. taste nutty and crunchy when eat fresh.


Braised free range pork + asparagus, snow peas, crispy leek, pineapple ketchup, poached egg, toast

Another interesting dish. very creative in term of using ingredients. Freshly made salad with poached eggs and braised pork. Would order again next time.


If a place name itself as macchiato, I would expect it serves good coffee.

Base on the blackboard and Fleetwood’s website,  all milk based espresso drinks are made with Sample Coffee‘s seasonal espresso blend Pacemaker. The coffee is actually quite nice and well balanced, but more on the bitter side.


Fleetwood Macchiato also serves a large range of house baked cake. some of those cakes seems used a lot of spice and looks very interesting and creative to me. Also they were selling sourdough as well. We didn’t end up trying but I might come back to try those later.


Fleetwood Macchiato is located at 43 Erskineville Rd,
Erskineville, NSW, Australia 2043.
Phone: 02 9557 9291

Trading hours:

Monday to Friday 7am-3pm
Saturday and Sunday- 8am-3pm.

First visited 8 October 2016

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